Body weight is a vital factor to consider when choosing a new mattress, most essentially for heavier individuals and couples. People weighing up to 400 pounds are likely to choose beds that give additional support, padding and cushioning to parts of the body where more weight is concentrated, such as the hips and stomach. Thicker, firmer mattresses are the most commonly recommended for heavy sleepers. The sleep surface of this kind of bed will line up the spine and ease pressure points while minimizing sagging.

The Best Mattress for Heavy People: Mattress Considerations

What Mattress Thickness Is Best For Heavier People

In general, mattress thicknesses range from 6 inches to 12 inches or more. This varies based on the type of mattress. For example, an all-foam mattress is likely to be thinner than a comparable hybrid or innerspring mattress. If you weigh 250 pounds or more it is likely to put more pressure on your mattress. Because of this, you’ll tend to feel more comfortable on a thicker bed as it offers better compression support. If the mattress is thin, then you may experience uncomfortable sinking which will result in increased back pain and much more. Therefore, your mattress must be twelve to thirteen inches thick to support your weight properly. This is often the most common sign that your mattress is too soft.

Mattress Firmness For Heavy People

Mattresses available today are rated for firmness typically on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the least firm and ten being the firmest. A lot of mattresses fall between three or soft and eight or firm. If you weight 250 pounds or more, then you will sink deeper into your mattress compared to lighter people, most of the time 2 inches deep or more it depends on your body type. Note: While Custom Sleep Technology does not use a numerical rating system because all mattresses are custom made for you, we can give you an idea of the firmness if this is something you are curious about.

Mattress Density For Heavy People 

Most mattresses available, in spite of their support core, are made with one layer of memory or polyfoam in the comfort system. The density of the foam is utilized to know the weight the mattress can sufficiently support, as well as measured in pounds for every cubic foot. Also, density is associated with the overall durability of the mattress. All Custom Sleep Technology mattresses utilize a multi layer design with densities that are designed to not only support your body properly, but help provide a better night’s sleep.

Temperature Neutrality

Some type of mattress available, like hybrids and innerspring, retain a low amount of body heat from sleepers and are likely to be temp-neutral at night time. Other kinds of mattresses like memory foam and foam model can trap heat and result in sleeping hot. Sleeping hot is a problem for overweight people, as they have a higher body mass and produce more heat. The rule here is that memory foam, and polyfoam mattresses will usually sleep too hot for those who weigh 250 pounds or more. However, some models come with layers of foam made to keep sleepers cooler, such as latex. Latex foam mattresses do a great job at helping you sleep as cool as possible all night log based on its design and increased breath ability.

The Durability of the Mattress

The lifespan of your mattress is associated with many other aspects like foam density, thickness, as well as edge support. Thus, those who weigh 250lbs or more must research the anticipated longevity of any bed mattress they’re considering.

Weight Limit

Many mattress manufacturers may list a weight limit. Owners of mattresses which exceed the maximum weight can cause wear out a mattress much faster than normal, and this may result in not only a mattress with poor support, but body aches caused by the mattress. The recommended sleeper weight will differ by brand as well as model, so make sure to understand the limitations of mattresses you are looking to purchase. The majority of King and Queen size bed mattresses available can support 400lbs or more.

Personal Considerations for Heavyweight Sleepers

There are a number of personal considerations you would need to make when purchasing your new mattress.  Yes, the price of a new mattress is important, but so is understanding your sleep style, and if the mattress can accommodate your needs.

Sleep Positions


Best Mattress for Heavy Back Sleepers

Back sleeping helps line up your spine and distribute weight evenly. Thus, heavier back sleepers might feel comfortable on bed mattress rated anywhere from medium to firm. Back sleepers are less prone to pressure and back pain, and aren’t as affected by the sagging of the mattress compared to side sleepers.

Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is very common, but it is important to understand that sleeping on your side, doesn’t properly align your spine. This might result in additional pressure points in your shoulders, neck, hips, and back. If you are a side sleeper and weigh 250 lbs or more, it is recommended that you sleep on a mattress that has a more medium or firm feel. This type of mattress would help better align your spine and ease pressure points. A side sleeper is sensitive to bed mattress sagging as well as indentations. Therefore models with high-durability are highly suggested, such as latex foam.

Best Mattress for Heavy Stomach Sleepers

This type of sleeping is usually discouraged amongst heavier people as they are likely to carry a considerable amount of weigh in their stomach and mid-section. This can cause your stomach to sink profoundly into the mattresses, which can  result in spinal issues since a stomach sleeper have to turn his or her head to breathe. Because of this, a stomach sleeper who is heavier would sleep best on a firm mattress.

Best Mattress for Heavy Couples

If you are overweight and share the mattress with your partner, then it is vital to keep in mind the following: If you or your partner weight 250lbs or above, then the mattress might sag under the heavier person and the in the center of the mattress. Some bed mattress makers provide dual firmness. For this model, every side of the mattress has a varying firmness rating which can help avoid sagging and also make sure that both of you sleep comfortably. However, If you and your partner are heavier, then a custom mattresses with firmness based on your body dimensions.  The best way to build the best mattress for heavy couples is to design sides specific for each partner, because we understand your side of the bed needs to be as unique as you are.

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