-About Custom Sleep Technology –

The mission of Custom Sleep Technology is to provide superior sleep solutions that allow our customers to achieve the type of sleep necessary for a healthy and productive lifestyle.  The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately one third of adults in the United States regularly get less than the recommended amount of sleep each night, and CST hopes to contribute to a solution.

At Custom Sleep Technology, we understand that many of our customers prioritize other aspects of their lives over sleep quality and quantity.  In order to maximize the impact of our customers’ sleep, Custom Sleep Technology has applied over fifteen years of research, development, feedback, and experience into creating the optimal mattresses of our ColorComfortSleepSystem™  line.

Each of our mattresses are fully customized to the consumer, carefully taking several bodily measurements into account in order to create the absolute best possible mattress at each price.  We at Custom Sleep Technology strive to continue our efforts to battle the sleep deprivation epidemic through continued exploration of applied sleep science.