Even if you might feel reasonably comfortable with your current bed or mattress, it might be time for a change. Your ability to sleep comfortably influences each part of your life, so it might be better to buy a new mattress sooner rather than later.

In most cases, you might also find that it is worthwhile to start testing and pricing mattresses a couple of months before you are ready to buy one. At the very least, this will give a chance to spot a good sale as well as provide a sufficient thought as to what mattress you should buy.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

You may not consider mattress staining to be one of the reasons to get a new mattress. Stains are a direct sign that an area of the mattress might also be housing bacteria and other risky pathogens. Even when you clean the stain, it’s almost impossible to clean the layers under the cover. 

Because of this, a firm mattress might need to be replaced long before it becomes physically uncomfortable. If you do buy a new mattress, it may be best to purchase rubber sheets or some other kinds of fabric protection which will help prevent staining.

The Age of Your Mattress

The age of your mattress is the first and most essential consideration on how to tell when you need a new mattress. A lot of people don’t remember when they purchased their last bed or mattress. If you’re not good at keeping files, then it would be smart to write the exact date of purchase on the bed label.

If you ask how long are mattresses good for, experts recommend replacement of your mattress every seven to ten years. This might be a shock to a lot of people who have bought a bed with a 15 or 20 years warranty. You must know that this warranty is intended to cover parts and labor and not a bed’s overall comfort.

Mattress Noise

Mattress noise is also one of the many signs your mattress needs replacing. In most cases, you might notice that the spring in your bed make noise every time that you move. This is a good sign that the metal parts of the spring are beginning to give away and are losing their capability to flex properly.

You may soon start to feel the motion of the springs every time you move around that can result in poor sleep, aches, and pains when you wake up. Even though your mattress is just starting to squeak, it may be the perfect time to start shopping for a new mattress.

Body Aches and Pains

When to get a new mattress? If you feel body aches and pain when you wake up each morning. One of the main reasons people have for purchasing a new mattress is they have persistent pains and aches when they wake up each morning.  Usually, these aches and pains go away during the day if it is the mattress that causing them.

It is not uncommon to have back pain caused by a bad mattress along with discomfort throughout the night. This is typically the first sign you need a new mattress.

Certainly, it should go without saying that you must check with your physician to ensure that the pains and aches you are suffering are not being caused by some other factor. In particular, having bone pain or hip pain upon waking can be a sign of a condition that needs medical attention.

Visible and Noticeable Sag

Once you feel aches in joint, back as well as muscle, check the mattress to know if there are indications of sagging as well as body impressions. Drooping and sagging can happen as springs stop working and lose the resiliency as well as impression happens as the polyester fiber, foam as well as felt compressor over a short span of time. Impressions and dropping as little as 1.5 inches in depth are associated with increased pain, and this is according to experts.  Once your “pillow-top” bed or mattress is showing a droop at this extent or greater, make sure to buy a new mattress to avoid worst thing from happening.

How To Tell If A Mattress Is Worn Out

Many factors can affect the life of your mattress. If you have been utilizing the same bed set for five to ten years, eventually it will wear down and lose its comfort as well as support. Not only that, but your body changes in time too, thus, your need for comfort as well as support will increase as you age.

You will know if the mattress is worn out includes you feel uncomfortable when sleeping, you wake up with numbness stiffness as well as aches and pains. More often than not, a mattress will become too soft. There are a number of ways to figure out if your bed is too soft including:

– Lower back pain and stiffness

-Shoulder and / or neck pain

-Reduction in comfort

Can You Feel Bumps and Lumps?

Do I need a new mattress? Yes if you feel lumps and bumps when you apply a little pressure with your hands, you will almost surely be contributing to a negative effect on your back’s well-being.

If I Need A New Mattress, What Should I Buy?

There are many types of mattresses available out there, and choosing the best one is daunting. To choose the best mattress, you need to consider your sleeping posture, the size and most of all, your budget. They are available in various prices, so ensure to get one that not just meet your needs but your budget as well.

Most people will attempt to remedy a worn out mattress with a mattress topper before buying a new mattress.  While mattress toppers can be a more cost effective way to improve an uncofortable bed, it is recommeded to replace the mattress depending on how worn out it actually is.


A lot of people don’t start shopping for a bed until it is too late and they are having a good deal of difficulty sleeping. Sad to say, distraction alone can cause you to make a quick decision, and you will not get the best value for your hard earned money.

Before diving in head first, you should understand how much a new mattress costs, and what you’re actually getting for the price. If you see that your bed is starting to make noise or has other indications of wear and tear, it might be a smart idea to begin looking around.

Even when you do not see a price that you are willing to pay out, you will be in an excellent position to take benefit of any clearance sales as well as other discounts that come along. Make sure to replace your mattress when you see these signs to give you quality sleep.

Are You In Need Of A New Mattress?

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