The Platinum Mattress

The Custom Sleep Technology Platinum mattress is made using Talalay Latex foam to create our 9-inch custom mattress utilizing our patent-pending Color Comfort Sleep System™ technology. Our Platinum line provides you the additional comfort, durability, firmness, and support that only all Talalay Latex foam can provide.


Note: In order to fulfill your order, you must submit your body profile information.  This is needed to create your custom mattress based on your height, weight, shoulder and hip dimensions, and sleep position.

Mattress Design and Personalization

Each Platinum mattress is designed to enable modifications during the life of the mattress, as required. The Platinum mattress is a 9-inch thick mattress constructed of three 3-inch layers of different Talalay Latex foam components that are 100% personalized to each sleeper’s unique body dimensions such as height, weight, shoulder, and hip dimensions.

Our Mattress

The bottom layer is a base layer, and the two upper layers are customized at both the top half and bottom half of the mattress based upon the sleeper’s primary sleeping position and unique body dimensions. We offer this line of mattress in the sizes of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Customization Warranty

The mattress can be customized for different sleepers on both sides of the bed for the Queen, King, and California King sizes. Our Platinum mattress line is warrantied for 10 full years and allows for up to two satisfaction modifications during the life of the mattress.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Custom Sleep Technology offers customers a pro-rated credit for a higher tier mattress if they would like to upgrade their Platinum bed to the Diamond mattress before the warranty expiration.

Benefits of the Platinum Mattress Include:

Inches Of Quality Foam

Layer Design


Upgrade eligibility to a Diamond Mattress

Year Warranty

Satisfaction Upgrades


Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial & Environmentally friendly

Every Body is Unique.  Your Mattress Should be Made Just for Yours.

Personalized Body Profile

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