The Performance

Talalay Latex Mattresses

The Performance

Talalay Latex Mattresses

CST’s patented Performance line is the ultimate in personalized mattresses.  Each mattress is designed and constructed to the unique body dimensions utilizing our Color Comfort Sleep System™.  of the users and takes into account any physical issues like back, shoulder, and hip pain.

– Multiple Segments / Multiple Layers

– Designs are Based on Height, Weight, Shoulder and Hip Dimensions,

   and Primary Sleeping Position

– Free Modifications after Delivery*

– Upgradable……..Forever

Latex Mattress

Complete our Body Profile Questionnaire and Receive Your Personalized Mattress Design Proposal.

9″ Silver

silver latex mattress

12″ Gold

talalay latex mattress

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CST uses 14 different foam densities in our Color Comfort Sleep System™ to construct each segment and layer within our mattresses.  This extensive use of multiple densities allows us to construct a mattress based on your unique body dimensions.  The goal is to position your body in the perfect position and to place your spine in a natural and stress-free position.  When this is accomplished, your ability to achieve deep rejuvenating stage 4 sleep is possible.

Complete our Body Profile Questionnaire and receive your Personalized Mattress Design Proposal.